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Simplify Agent Journey

Manage Agents without slowing down recruiting productivity with tedious duties. Use our platform to concentrate your agents’ data in a single, clickable area.

Recruiting Website

A custom-built website for your company, designed to match the look and feel of all your brand aspects for recruiting, with powerful lead capture forms to support lead generation.

Agent Management

The Agents Timeline will give you a complete, instant and real-time 360-degree view into each relationship.

Email Campaigns

Pre-written email campaigns specially written to help grow a strong agent network that is specifically tailored toward increasing business prosperity in today’s competitive real estate market.

Voice & SMS

Make Voice calls, send SMS to your agents with a premium dedicated number of your choice connected to your account. Call recordings, SMS incubation will help you stay in touch with Agent all the time.

Bulk SMS

Send autonomous based SMS to all your agents at once. Less redundancy when it comes to communicate with your agent, send Bulk SMS to all your agents and keep them updated.

Bulk Emails

Effortlessly send bulk emails to your agents, our powerful dedicated mail servers will maintain optimum deliverability that enable you to send, receive, and track email effortlessly.

Agent with Production Data

Build relationships with your agents and drive loyalty by keeping the conversation going. With every conversation, recruiters have at-a-glance access to agents conversations, fueling a more human experience and faster time to hiring process.

Intelligent Agent Search Algorithm

Now search all active agents from your state, city, zip with their production stats, with just couple of clicks get the data useful for your recruitment activity.

Recruit Quality Agents

Intelligent agent search provides you ability to understand Agent’s production stats, which includes listings sold, sold dates. Recruiting with informed decision is now possible without much efforts.

360-degree Agent view

See relevant agent details at a glance without leaving Brokers Recruiter, thanks to two-way integrations with CRMs and management systems.

Conversation Timeline

View all agent interactions across all channels in one chronological timeline — creating a seamless but flexible recruiting experience.

Concurrent Conversations

Increase contact center efficiency by empowering agents to handle multiple customer issues at the same time.

Notes, Tasks, Meetings & more

Give other recruiters context into conversations with pinned notes and assigned dispositions to track performance of recruitment.

Pre-built Reports

Essential metrics reports track relevant current and historical data, so you can identify trends over time.

Live activity dashboard

See real-time data on team activity and performance to improve your recruitment performance.

Give your recruitment activity a human touch

Give your team the tools you need to increase productivity for your recruitment activity.