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Agent Recruitment Management

A term that refers to strategies and technologies that increase recruitment productivity and quality interactions with top prospecting real estate agents.

Why do you need ARM?

For your business to survive in the information-overloaded world, you need a new strategy

Overwhelming Amount of Data

The demand for data has grown exponentially with the number of channels that agents use to communicate. In order to make sense of all this information, you need to be consistently tracking and recording so your team can analyze their recruitment base more efficiently.

Information overload

Productivity is a necessary step in growing your agent count while staying on top of sales. When information and communication overload are present, it becomes an arduous task that slows down your team’s work process. Recruitment suffers because things fall through the cracks; this leads us back into an endless cycle of catch-up instead of growth.

Industrial view of agent journey

With data collection and analysis handled, your team’s main focus becomes the task of recruiting and connecting to agents. Managing relationships with pre-built email campaigns are highly profitable if done correctly.

Brokers Recruiter provides you with all the templates, tools, and tips needed to reach out and market to potential leads. All the relationship interaction is automated and captured in our system to ensure accurate information is shared between all parties involved.

A Smart Technology for Your Brokerage

The recruitment process is time-consuming, and it’s important that you provide your agents with the best experience possible.

In just 10 years an agent could switch offices up until three times over the course of their career. You want high-quality experiences so that people are interested in working with your company.

ARM helps real estate companies do this by automating task flow, relationship management, pre-built campaigns, and more.

Provide a Personal Touch that Other Brokerages Can't Match.

Discover how to give top agents your undivided attention today!