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This is not a presentation of items to be listed; rather, it is a presentation on how to listen!

Put your ego aside and ask the businessperson what they regard to be the most essential thing in their lives rather than telling them what you believe to be the most important thing. Following that, you should focus your presentation on the objectives and requirements of the potential customers.

Take Extra Precautions in Listings to Avoid Falling into Trap!

Once you choose a price for listings, you will be locked into that price for the length of the listing. You will not be able to change it under any circumstances. The seller was given all of the data on the market. It was up to them to select where they wanted to start pricing the home after reviewing the information. You should have a contract in place that indicates you will frequently review the market and change the pricing in accordance with the amount of activity and competition that is there in the market.

The Facts and Figures Speak for Themselves!

Maintain a constant state of self-education on the current state of the market. You should provide the seller with as much information as you can on the market, including the average sales price, the median sales price, the number of days on the market, interest rates, and the current active inventory. You should do this as soon as possible. The outcome is not dictated by either you or the seller, but rather by the market conditions at the time. Always be sure to keep the seller up to date with the most recent and thorough market data.

Please keep up with the Listing Maintenance!

Have you ever left the building, taken a listing with you, and began operating as a secret agent? When it comes to gripes, one of the most frequent ones that sellers have is that they and their agents do not have sufficient communication with one another. This is one of the most typical complaints that sellers have. One of the most important parts of the listing presentation is getting the parties involved to come to an understanding on the kind of communication to be expected from one another, as well as the amount of time that should pass between each contact. Their goal is to sell the property, and it is your responsibility to inform them of the actions you are doing to make that goal a reality as well as the steps they need to take to assist you in achieving that goal.

In regard to the Listings Feedback, what is your position?

The price at which the seller will be willing to sell their home is not something that can be determined by either you or the seller; rather, this determination is made by the market. The customer who carefully weighs all of their available alternatives before settling on a single option is the consumer who most effectively defines the market. Both you and the seller will gain vital information about the marketing strategy that should be implemented to sell the house by speaking with the buyer’s agents that are interested in your listings.