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Here are some of my thoughts and points to bear in mind: I am in the front row and totally engaged on both sides of the transaction, working with the agent and the broker every day. In addition, I have software products that are now available on the market and are used by thousands of brokers and agents. My viewpoint is not based on speculation but rather on seen phenomena.

The vast majority of technology has been and will continue to be sold by sellers as the “magic spell,” “bright dazzling item,” or “solution” to all of your issues.

To continue the discussion from my last point, the proliferation of technology has led many people working in our sector to believe that “we can have less human interaction and yet obtain a result.” A myth…this is not the case… It is not less engagement that is necessary for blended environments; rather, it is a different interaction that is required there as a result of the evolution of human behavior (the online consumer) and the changing expectations of the consumer.

Erroneous Technological Assumptions

Because of erroneous assumptions of what the technology CAN do, laziness has become more prevalent in our sector as a direct result of technological advancements. A requirement in my company when talking with a potential customer, and yes, before the buying decision is taken, is a simple statement that goes something like this: “This is not telephone avoidance technology.” If you aren’t willing to put in the effort, don’t bother buying it.

Because of all of the innovations that are affecting our sector, what was once a relationship- and art-based business is transitioning into something that is more scientific and mechanical in nature. This is happening as a broker or agent gets their head around all of the functionalities of the various programs that need to be learned before implementing them. The word that best describes the situation is paralyzed. Unintentionally setting up a scenario in which the end-user anticipates it to be the “magic spell” after they have all of the information they need.

Technological Advances

When our sector first began to encounter all of this “new technology,” I noticed a certain level of worry, fear that many people were experiencing, and fear that “technology is going to drive me out of business.” In response, I stated, “No, technology is here to KEEP you in the business if you enroll in it, adopt it, and apply it.”

Technology is merely a tool that can assist us in our relationships with the online customers of today, allowing us to accommodate the changing patterns of human behavior as well as the associated changes in expectations. The “human experience” and “interaction” are not going away in our industry because of technology; rather, technology is here to enrich the experience of how and where we play and interact in the present day.

We need to move toward the creation of an online experience for the online consumer, which will be supported by an online agent. At the same time, we can’t forget about many of the more conventional business practices. You must feel like you’ve heard all of this before, doesn’t it? My issue is, are you going to take the action and be dedicated to it, or are you simply going to give it a try?