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Ninety-Nine – Thirty-Five – One

The overwhelming majority of people who look at your property listing online are not interested in the particular property they are viewing and will not contact you about it as a result of their lack of interest in the property. 35 percent of the people who see the online listing for your property are also curious about other real estate prospects. Only one percent of the potential audience is being reached with your online marketing.

The objective of doing marketing activities over the internet.

The purpose of this is to supply prospective purchasers with helpful information, as well as a variety of reasons and means for contacting you regarding real estate in general, and not just a particular home. Ninety-nine point nine percent of people who look at a property online are not going to click for more information or make contact with you to acquire more information because they decide, for whatever reason, that it is not the house for them and they do not want to learn more about it.

This could be due to the fact that they are not interested in purchasing the house or because they are not interested in learning more about it. What about the estimated 35 percent of individuals who will be purchasing a home in the near or far future and want aid in discovering the home of their dreams?! This question pertains to the other 99 percent of people.

There is no rational justification for why you are unable to give them with your abilities and expertise, so stop making excuses. If you want to have a chance of obtaining a big proportion of online leads, your internet marketing has to discover a means to entice this MUCH LARGER group of prospective consumers to get in touch with YOU. Only then will you have a chance of collecting a substantial proportion of online leads.

Give your customers MORE Value than they expect, particularly in the fields of local search and local information.

When prospective buyers begin their hunt for a new home online, they frequently begin by perusing numerous property listings. As a result of this, it is to your best advantage to have your real estate listed on as many relevant websites as is practically possible. This will help you attract more potential buyers.

However, purchasers also want information about the neighborhoods, the schools, and even unique features such as the history, farmers’ markets, and other such things so that they can make an informed decision when it comes to the process of purchasing a property. This enables them to make a choice that is in their best interests.

This is the point at which local brokers and agents have the potential to fully shine and put themselves in a position of advantage over other persons who are active in their area. Put these tools and pieces of information in front of buyers when they are most likely to “convert,” which is when they are looking at the property detail information of your listings on the internet. This is the time when they are most likely to make a purchase from you. This is something that all of Trulia’s competitors, including Zillow and, do, and you should emulate their behavior.

Simply go ahead online and click on it.

People are more likely to look for answers to queries that are easy to understand. Additionally, people tend to click rather than type when given the choice. You have a good understanding of the most popular trends in your industry. If it is at all possible, you should avoid sending your clients elsewhere to search for this information. Include links to predetermined IDX searches for a few of the most exciting or intriguing markets in your region to truly have customers click on your internet marketing rather than typing their way to another website. This will truly have an effect on the number of customers who click on your internet marketing.

Farmer’s Markets Located in the Surrounding Area

Include any searches that you’ve done to find the most lucrative marketplaces in your area and include hyperlinks to your website. On your website, buyers will be able to find ALL of the various tools and information that they are looking for online, in addition to the correct IDX search that will be shown.

If you provide clients the rapid answers you are aware that they want at the click of a button, you will begin to get a portion of the 35 percent of prospective purchasers that are available to you. In addition, you will have the opportunity to prolong the conversation, which will significantly boost the likelihood of new leads being converted into customers.

Websites that provide free-form online marketing opportunities!

Despite the fact that websites like Craig’s List, Backpage, and others like them would not be considered worthy of a broker’s attention, the statistics point to an entirely different situation than what a broker might believe to be the case. The website receives the tenth most unique visits each month in the United States, with a total of 1.2 billion page views across the board. Craig’s List is the 800-pound gorilla of the real estate market when it comes to websites that supply buyer leads to real estate brokers and agents.

Craig’s List has been around since 1995. There is no other website that receives as much traffic as this one does, giving you the opportunity to publish advertising that directly targets BOTH the 1 percent of buyers looking for a home that is comparable to yours AND the 35 percent of buyers who are interested in purchasing other types of real estate. Because there is no other website that receives as much traffic as this one, you have the option to publish advertising that directly targets BOTH the 1 percent of buyers looking for a home that is comparable to your

The four most significant aspects that contribute to successful online marketing

In order to turn the greatest number of the prospective clients you find online into actual ones, the following components of your internet marketing should be included:

There should be around six high-quality images of the property (not two and not twenty-five!).

Information that is regarded as being of essential importance to the property (the current condition of the basement is irrelevant here!)

Through the utilization of a variety of search tools and community-specific information, it is possible to generate increased buyer response (a link to your homepage or a virtual tour is great, but not nearly enough)

There are many different reasons and entry points available for the buyer to get in touch with you (just an email and phone number are not enough)

If you follow these principles, just like the large corporate websites, you will find, just as brokers and agents have found before you, that there is a lot of business that can be easily found online. If you follow these principles, just like the large corporate websites, you will find that there is a lot of business that can be easily found online. The purpose of web marketing is to pique the interest of prospective customers and then provide them with the resources, reasons, and channels via which they may get in touch with you.